OLD Holland

OLD HOLLAND Classic Colors has more than three centuries traditional experience in the manufacturing of artists paints…


..and during that period it has proved that nothing beats the quality of traditional recipes. Our professional staff  work every day with love and devotion to create a superior product. Partly as a result of this, many artists who work with our products realize the end result that they are working to achieve. Our name has for many years been a household name among artists in the Netherlands and abroad, and this is something we are very proud of.

Our products are used over the whole world, including for restoration work. We export to more than 50 countries. Our paint is even used by the Dutch Royal family. The Dutch master painter Albert Roelofs (one of the former directors of the company) taught painting to Queen Wilhelmina and her daughter, Princess Juliana.

In Driebergen (the Netherlands), where our company has been located since 1980, we have set up a museum containing old tools, antique pigments and resins, many of which originate from the rich history of Old Holland Classic Colours. You are welcome to visit the museum by appointment.”


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