Art Education: Pigments Identification Chart

Periodic Table for the elements used in artists paints
Al – Aluminium Cu – Copper P – Phosphorus
Sb – Antimony H – Hydrogen Se – Selinum
Ba – Barium I – Idodine Si – Silicon
Br – Bromine Pb – Lead Na – Sodium
Cd – Cadmium Mg – Magnesium S – Sulfur
Ca – Calcium Mn – Manganese Sn – Tin
C – Carbon Hg – Mercury Ti – Titanium
Cl – Clorine Ni – Nickel Zn – Zinc
Cr – Chromium N – Nitrogen Does not include elements no longer used
Co – Cobalt O – Oxygen such as Arsenic – As
These are just a few of the many artists pigments available
Pigment # Index # ASTM Pigment Name Common Name Chemical Comp. Old Holland Oil Maimeri Puro
PW1 77596 1 Flake White Flake White 2PbCO3.Pb(OH) Cremnitz White
PW4 77947 1 Zinc White Zinc White / Chinese ZnO Zinc White Zinc White
PW6 77891 1 Titanium Dioxide Titanium White TiO2 Titanium White Titanium White
PBk6 77266 1 Lampblack Lampblack C
PBk7 77266 1 Carbon Black Furnace Black C Carbon Black Carbon Black
PBk8 1 Vine Black (wood charcoal) Vine Black C Vine Black
PBk9 77267 1 Ivory Black Ivory Black, Bone Black C×xCaPO Ivory Black Extra Ivory Black
PBk11 77499 1 Iron Oxide Black Mars Black FeOּFe2O3 Mars Black Mars Black
PB15 74160 1 Copper Phthalocyanine Phthalo Blue C32H16CuN8 O-H Blue,Blue Lake, Etc Phthalocyanine
PB15:1 1 Alpha Copper Phthalocyanine Pthalo Blue RS Thalocyanine Phthalo Alpha/Berlin
PB15:3 1 Beta Copper Pthalocyanine Pthalo Blue GS Primary Blue-Cyan
PB15:6 1 Epsilon Copper Pthalo Blue RS Phthalocyanine
PB16 74100 1 Metal-free Phthalocyanine Phthalo Blue C32H18N8 Carribbean Blue Turquoise Green
PB27 77510 1 Ferric-Ferrocyanide Prussian Blue C6FeN6H4N Prusian Blue
PB28 77346 1 Cobalt Aluminate Blue Spinel Cobalt Blue CoAl 2O4 Cobalt Blue Cobalt Blue Dp/Lt
PB29 77007 1 Ultramarine Blue Ultramarine Blue Na6-8Al6Si6024S2-4 Ultramarine Blue Ultramarine Light
PB33 77142 1 Manganese Blue Manganese Blue BaMnO4BaSO4 Manganese Blue
PB35 77368 1 Cerulean Blue Cerulean Blue CoO·n(SnO2) Cerulean Blue
PB36 77343 1 Cobalt Chromite blu/grn spinel Cerulean Blue Co(Al,Cr)2O4 Cerulean Blue
PB60 69800 1 Indathrone Blue Indathrone Blue C28H14N2O4 Old Delft Blue Faience Blue
PBr7 77492 1 Raw Sienna Raw Sienna Fe2O3 Raw Sienna Raw Sienna Lt/Dp.
PBr7 77491 1 Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna Fe2O3 Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna
PBr7 77492 1 Raw Umber Raw Umber Fe2O3·xMnO2 Raw Umber Raw Umber
Pigment # Index # ASTM Pigment Name Common Name Chemical Comp. Old Holland Oil Maimeri Puro
PBr7 77499 1 Burnt Umber Burnt Umber Fe2O3·xMnO2 Burnt Umber
PG7 74260 1 Phthalocyanine Green Phthalocyanine Green C32H16CuN8Cl15 Scheveningen Green Cuperic Green
PG17 77288 1 Chromium Oxide Green Chromium Oxide Green Cr2O3 Chrome Oxide Green. Chrome Oxide Green.
PG18 77289 1 Hydrated Chromium Hydroxide Viridian Green Cr2(OH)2 Viridian Green Deep Viridian
PG19 77335 1 Cobalt Green Cobalt Green CoO·ZnO Cobalt Grn. Turq.
PG23 77009 1 Green Earth Green Earth Fe Silicates,Al & Mg Green Earth Natural Earth
PO20 77202 1 Pure Cadmium Orange Pure Cadmium Orange CdS·xCdSe Cadmium Orange Cadmium Yellow Orange.
PO43 71105 1 Perinone Orange Perinone Orange C26H12N4O2 Scheveningen Orange Orange Lake
PR5 12490 1 Naphthol ITR Naphthol ITR C30H31ClN4O7S
PR7 12420 1 Naphthol Red F4HR Naphthol Red F4HR C25H19Cl2N3O2
PR83 3 Anthraquinone Alizarin Crimson C14H8O4
PR88 73312 1 Thioindigoid Red Thioindigoid Red, Violet C16H4Cl4O2S2 Scheveningen Red Garnet Lake
Permenant Red
PR101 77491 1 Synthetic Red Iron Oxide Indian, Mars, Ventian Red Fe2O3 Persian,Indian,English Mars Red
PR102 77491 1 Natural Red Iron Oxide Light Red Fe2O3 Red Ochre Red Ochre
PR108 77202 1 Pure Cadmium Red Cadmium Red CdS×xCdSe Scheveningen Rd. Lt, Cadmium Red Lt.,
Cadmium Red Light Med., Deep & Orange
PR108:1 77202:1 1 CadmiumLithopone Red Cadmium-Barium Red CdS·xCdSe·yBaSO4
PR122 73915 1 Quinacridone Magenta Y Quinacridone Magenta C22H16N202 O-H Magenta
PR177 65300 1 Anthraquinoid Red Anthraquinoid Red C28H16N2O4 Burgundy Wine Red
PV16 73900 1 Manganese Violet Manganese Violet H4O7P2·H3N·Mn Mang.Violet-Reddish
PV19 73900 1 Quinacridone Violet/Red Quinacridone Violet/Red C20H12N2O2 Scheveningen Red Rose Lake/Prim. Red
PY37 77199 1 Pure Cadmium Sulfide Yellow Pure Cadmium Yellow CdS Cadmium Yellow
PY41 77589 1 Lead Antimonate Naples Yellow Pb3(SbO4)2
PY42 77492 1 Synthetic Iron Oxide Yellow Mars Yellow Fe2O3·xH2O Mars Yellow Mars Yellow/ Orange
PY43 77492 1 Natural Yellow Iron Oxide Yellow Ochre Fe2O3·xH2O Yellow Ochre Yellow Ochre
PY83 21108 1 Diarylide Yellow HR Diarylide Yellow HR C36H32Cl4N6O8 Scheveningen Yellow
PY153 NA 1 Nickle Dioxinine Yellow Nickle Dioxinine Yellow Nickle Complex of an Indian Yellow
Inorganic Compound